psych you / psych me!

Welcome to personalDNA's newest feature, psych you / psych me! From this page, you can assess other people's personalities, and ask other people to assess yours. See how well you know your friends and how well they know you.

psych you!

Use PersonalDNA to assess someone else. You can decide whether to share it with him or her later, so assess anyone you want! Even better, if that person lets you see his or her results, you'll be able to compare your assessment with the person's actual results.

(To assess someone else, or to see people whose personalities you've assessed, sign in here.)

psych me!

You can also invite people to assess you! They'll be given reports that will represent their versions of your personality. If they share those reports with you, you can collect everyone else's version of your personality and compare personalDNA strips and personality maps side-by-side with yours. You'll also get a match percentage to see how well they know you (see a sample report here).

(To have someone else assess you, or to see assessments of you, you must sign in first.)

but first...

Before you can invite other people to assess your personality, or assess anyone else's, we need to know that you have already assessed yourself. If you have taken the test and have created a PersonalDNA account, or if you have any ATTAP account (,, or, please click here to sign in.

If you'd like to create an account (all you'll need to do is select a username and password), click here.

Otherwise, unlock the secrets of your personality here.